In a complex digital world teachers are more important than ever!!! Here are three areas where teachers add amazing value:

1. Bringing learning resources form all over the world to enhance student learning

2. Designing assignments that reveal deeper levels of student thinking

3. Mission Critical added value of teaching students how discern fact from fiction on the web, tracking down primary sources and reconciling different points of view

It is a very fun time to be a teacher.

Alan November – early adopter of tech to expand boundaries of learning for students (1981). May have been the first teacher in the world to have a student project online (database for the handicapped in Boston) in 1984 and possibly the first teacher in the world to use spreadsheets with students (1981) – Visicalc. Author of best selling book, “Who Owns the Learning” and a few others. Presented in every state and province and more than 40 countries. It is a blast time to be alive in the field of education.